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Participants’ Guidelines

How to participate:
  1. The participants must submit the following to the Committee:
a.       The hard copy of the story (3 copies) which they will tell at the qualifying round in technical meeting.
ü  Participants must select two different stories to tell at the competition – one for the qualifying round and another for the Finals, if they are short listed.
ü  Topic used for final round differs from the one that are used in preliminary. All participants must prepare to precede final round.
b.      All participants require submitting a hardcopy of their stories (3 copies) for final round in competition’s break time if they are short listed, including their sources, for both their stories to the Committee.

Rules during the Competition:
  1. Each participant must come at least 30 minutes before the competition begins.
  2. Each participant must stay at the competition venue until the competition ends and must remain silent when another participant is delivering his/her story, unless by any of the committee’s permission.
  3. None of the participants is allowed to read any story text or keynote when delivering the story.
  4. Participants may not invent a story although they may improvise and tell the story in their own style.
  5. Each participant will be called three times in a row based on his/her turn (first chance).
  6. Participants who don’t come up after being called three times (first chance) will be put on the last turn (second chance).
  7. Participants who don’t come on the second chance will be disqualified.
  8. Participants may opt to use actions, props or costumes, at their own expense, to help to bring their stories to life.
  9. A green flag will be raised up by the timekeeper as a sign for the participant to start delivering the story.
  10. In preliminary round, each participant has maximum time of 8 minutes to deliver his/her story.
  11. In preliminary round, each participant has maximum time of 10 minutes to deliver his/her story.
  12. A yellow flag will be raised on the 2 minutes left.
  13. On the last minute, time keeper will raise the red flag up as a warning for the participant that the time is up.
  14. 15 seconds will be given as a tolerance time right after the time is up.
  15. The tolerance time will be a consideration for score lessening. Thus every second past the tolerance time will reduce the score.
  16. Scoring criteria:
a.       Matter (40%)
ü  Grammar
ü  Vocabulary
ü  Story substances
ü  Pronunciation
b.      Performance (60%)
ü  Interaction (stage act, inc. eye contact, costume, equipments)
ü  Intonation
ü  Expression (including body language)
ü  Punctuality of time
  1. Every rule has to be followed. Disqualification is necessary for every participant who doesn’t abide the rule.

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